Love Affair(s)

2 hr. 2 min. | Rated M | Nudity

Starring: Émilie Dequenne, Camélia Jordana, Guillaume Gouix

Vacationing in the French countryside, Daphné (Camélia Jordana), three months pregnant, finds herself alone to welcome Maxime (Neils Schneider), her boyfriend’s broken-hearted cousin. François, her boyfriend (Vincent Macaigne), had to leave in a hurry for Paris to cover for a sick colleague. For four days, while they await his return, Daphné and Maxime get to know each other, passing the time sharing intimate stories about their present and past love affairs, and get dangerously close in the process.

Told mostly in flashback, Emmanuel Mouret’s film is structured as a series of stories within stories. We follow a collection of nine idealistic characters whose actions often contradict the way they see and talk about themselves and who find it hard to live up to their own moral standards. Love Affair(s) is filled with infidelity, lies, and deceit. Yet, there’s no villain. Love is messy.

This enchanting film was nominated for 14 César Awards. It only won one, which went to Émilie Dequenne for her standout supporting performance as Francois’ self-sacrificing ex-wife whose character may be the only one who is truly honest with herself.

Original Title: Les Choses qu’on dit, les choses qu’on fait.

"A delightful fantasy" Elle

“Beautifully photographed in the French countryside by Laurent Desmet, this is a memorable film with a lot to say about the complexities of modern love. Just like life, it’s funny, surprising and then unexpectedly moving. It’s an enjoyably emotional journey from start to finish” Canberra Critics Circle

"Burning with desire, Love Affair(s) is a very French fling" Sydney Morning Herald


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