The People Upstairs

1 hr. 22 min. | Rated R16 | Sexual references and offensive language

Starring: Belén Cuesta, Javier Cámara, Alberto San Juan, Griselda Siciliani

Julio (Javier Camara) and Ana (Griselda Siciliani) are married for over fifteen years. They still share the same bed but go to sleep hours apart from each other. Their daily conflicts are not going anywhere. One wants to be heard, another one prefers to avoid talking. The tense relationship will boil up when Ana invites the upstairs neighbors over, Salva (Alberto San Juan) and Laura (Belen Cuesta).

Salva and Laura, unlike their hosts, are open with their desires, have no arguments, and can invite trusted friends over for an orgy. When the neighbors begin talking about their desires and a shocking proposal, Julia and Ana will change the tune, either because of jealousy or affection that they still have for each other.

The entire evening is a roller coaster of emotions mixed with laughter and biting dialogues. From start to end, the wickedly funny screenplay by writer/director Cesc Gay is an epitome of perfect comedy. It captures one of the biggest problems of marriage – lack of conversation and the complications it may cause.


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